Curriculum Vitae

Updated 26 Nov 2022. The latest version of this CV can be found online at

Personal Information

NameAdrianna PiƄska
Telephone+27 73 386 2779


Languages spokenI am fluent in English and Polish, have basic knowledge of Afrikaans and some knowledge of German.
Computer platforms and softwareI am an experienced Linux user, having worked mostly with Debian/Ubuntu and to a lesser extent Red Hat/Fedora. I also have some experience with FreeBSD and MacOS. I am familiar with basic Linux administration tasks: setting up webservers and databases, installing software, scripting, packaging, etc.. I have had brief experience with Windows and DOS.

I am familiar with a wide range of software for these platforms, mainly various development tools and assorted internet, word processing, desktop publishing and image-editing applications.
Programming languagesI am most familiar with Python, C/C++ and Unix shell scripting. I intermittently use Javascript and SQL (MySQL, Postgresql, sqlite). I have had some previous experience with PHP, Perl, Java, ASP/VBScript, Matlab/Octave scripting, Prolog, Logo, Pascal, Clean and SQL stored procedures (PL/SQL, PL/pgSQL). I am willing to learn other languages.
Markup languagesHTML and CSS, LaTeX, Markdown, reST, various templating engines, XML and XSLT.
Version control systemsI am most familiar with Git, Mercurial (hg) and Subversion (svn), and have some experience with Bazaar (bzr) and CVS.
Professional interestsResearch software development, open-source software development, open standards.

Employment History

2021 -Software developer for the Institute of Data Intensive Astronomy (IDIA), based at UCT; working on large astronomical data visualisation, mostly using C++ and Python.
2015 - 2021Software developer for UCT eResearch; working on large astronomical data visualisation, mostly using C++ and TypeScript.
2012 - 2014Created Alfred, a prototype web-based curriculum visualisation tool for use by undergraduate curriculum advisors in the Faculty of Science at UCT.
2012 - 2013Converted notes for a Masters in Information Technology introductory programming course from Java to Python for the Department of Computer Science at UCT. This involved some translation of generic programming concepts and some creation of new material. The notes were subsequently released under an open content licence and have been published at
January 2008 - January 2011Full-time Python developer for the Karoo Array Telescope. Development of control and monitoring software on Linux.
January 2007 - December 2007Full-time Python developer for St James Software; multi-platform web applications; development on Linux.
May 2005 - December 2006Full-time Perl developer for Hybyte Solutions and Services; working on a FreeBSD platform.
June 2004 - April 2005Full-time Java developer for Camara Consulting; working on a Linux platform.
July 2003 - December 2003Part-time employee of Ideosphere, a Cape Town IT company. My tasks were mostly web design and scripting, as well as some administration (on Windows 2000).
2002Assistant tutor for the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at UCT.
2002 - June 2003Ad-hoc webpage design and administration for the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at UCT (on Linux).
2000 - June 2003Ad-hoc webpage design and administration for the Faculty of Science at UCT (on Linux).


2011 - 2019MSc in Computer Science at the University of Cape Town (thesis topic: Addition of Flexible Linkers to GPU-Accelerated Coarse-Grained Simulations of Protein-Protein Docking).
2002, 2003Honours in Mathematics at the University of Cape Town.
1999 - 2001Bachelor of Science at UCT. Majors: Mathematics and Computer Science
1998Matriculated from St Cyprian's High School. Matric subjects: English (First Language), Afrikaans (Second Language), German, Mathematics HG, Science HG, Biology HG, Computer Science HG, Additional Mathematics

Other Activities

2016 -Member of the organising committee for PyConZA, a South African Python conference.
2015, 2016Participated as an instructor in Software Carpentry workshops held at UCT and at PyConZA.
2014Participated as a tutor in a Software Carpentry workshop held at UCT.
2013 -Member of the committee of the Cape Linux User Group (CLUG).
2013, 2014, 2015Presented talks at PyConZA, an annual South African Python conference (Introduction to web applications with Flask, An introduction to regular expressions in Python, A little scripting goes a long way: automating data processing in science).
2013, 2014Presented several talks to CLUG (How to customise your XDG applications menu, Automated document generation with make, Web browser choice and customisation, Window managers and desktop environments, Linux at UCT: proxy configuration & a tour of the LEG mirrors).
2009, 2010, 2011 (April and September), 2013, 2014Participated in PyWeek, an international online peer-judged Python game-writing competition, as a member of a team. The games (Operation Fox Assault, Suspended Sentence, Nine Tales of the Kitsune, Mutable Mamba, Werewolf Sonata and Robolock II) performed well in the team categories of their respective challenges.
2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012Co-wrote live-action roleplaying scenarios for Dragonfire, an annual roleplaying convention hosted by CLAWs, the UCT tabletop gaming society (Appointment at Atropos, The Last Days of Winter, Conclave at Charybdis, Hungover in the Hyades, Colony).
February, August 2005Produced the layout for CLAWmarks (the biannual magazine of CLAWs, the University of Cape Town gaming student society): used Scribus 1.2.0 on a Linux platform.
2003Co-wrote a live-action roleplaying scenario for SchpatCon, an independent Cape Town gaming convention (Grove of Fallen Leaves).
2003Re-designed website of the Cape Legion of Adventurers and Wargamers (CLAWs).
2000, 2001, 2002, 2007, 2011, 2013, 2016Co-wrote tabletop roleplaying scenarios for Dragonfire (Quiet Iteration, Free Association, Brothers in Arms, By the Rivers Dark, The Curse of the Jet Abacus, This Is Vorpal Mace, Swan Song).
2001, 2002Participated in the editing and publishing of CLAWmarks.
2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2008Submitted articles and illustrations to CLAWmarks.
2001, 2002, 2012CLAWs guildmistress (co-ordinator of roleplaying activities).
2000, 2013, 2014Ad-hoc member of CLAWs committee.
1999Elected to the Academic Merit List for the Department of Computer Science at UCT.
1998Finalist in the National Youth Science Olympiad; participated in the National Youth Science Week.
1998Participated in the Western Cape Schools Model Bridge Building Competition.
1997, 1998Participated in the annual Gebruiksafrikaans-olimpiade. Achieved good results in both years.
1997Participated in the Interprovincial Mathematics Olympiad
1997, 1998Participated in the Anglo-De Beers English Olympiad. Received a bronze award in 1998.
1996, 1997Participated in the Invitation Mathematics Challenge
March 1996, August 1996, August 1997Participated in the UCT Mathematics Series. Won a prize in August 1996.
1995 - 1998Participated in the annual UCT Mathematics Competition, and received a merit award in each year. Received a prize in 1996.
1994 - 1998Participated in the annual Old Mutual Mathematics Olympiad. Qualified for the second round in 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998.
1994Received a bronze award in the Expo for Young Scientists.