Blog update

I'm trying to resurrect this extremely crusty blog. As a result of the ongoing twitterpocalypse I have moved to Mastodon. I've removed my half-assed tweet mirror from here, since it wasn't very interesting, and I don't intend to mirror my Mastodon posts here either, but I will occasionally copy posts manually for posterity.

Arts and crafts with conference lanyards

Do you have a sad graveyard of conference lanyards? Cannibalise them for parts! That's free hardware you can use for all kinds of stuff, like a DIY sewing bird / third hand, a keyring with portions that unclip, or a clip to stop your phone case from falling out of a small pocket.

Two crocodile clips connected by a piece of elastic DIY sewing bird made from a small clamp, a snap clip and a binder clip
Compartments in a storage container containing assorted lanyard straps and clips A keyring with some items attached with snap clips